Review: Los Angeles Times

"The drama’s true potency lies in the filmmaker’s masterfully taut control over the palpably gritty environment. In the parched terrain inhabited by “Transpecos,” which took home an audience award from this year’s SXSW film festival, the element of subtlety has an unmistakable scent of its own."

Review: Austin Chronicle

"There are films in which the landscape is as much a character as the actors moving within it (Malick, Leone, and Antonioni quickly come to mind). Greg Kwedar’s Transpecos has three strong actors, but it is the terrain that ends up dominating this film. A promised wind blows, a sunset pregnant with meaning, and a succession of desolate shots of an unrepentant desert devoid of civilization loom over this tale of three border-patrol agents whose regular routine is rapidly unraveled in a day that tests trust, friendship, and loyalty in a film that hearkens back to Blood Simple-era Coen brothers."

Review: Fort Worth Star Telegram

"Transpecos has made a lot of noise on the festival circuit this year — it won the audience awards at SXSW and the Dallas International Film Festival — and it’s no wonder. Low on budget but high on craft and intelligence, Transpecos is as stark yet rewarding as a West Texas landscape at sunset."

Cinapse Review

"How remarkable and dynamic each of the three leads are in their roles...Gabriel Luna is so quietly electrifying... Johnny Simmons gives perhaps the film’s most heartbreaking and tortured performance... and Clifton Collins Jr.has never been better, [mixing] a quick wit and a steely reserve with an underlying humanity."